Saturday, 22 December 2012

Zagg InvisibleShield for Apple iPad

Zagg InvisibleShield, the transparent protector that many people have used to protect their valuable gadgets, has now announced the availability of their InsivibleShield for the Apple iPad. The InvisibleShield was made from military grade material that promises to protect your Apple iPad well from scratches.

There have been about 7 millions of the InvisibleShield sold worldwide, which has been used by many people and proven to protect their valuable gadgets. The company even offers 45-day money back guarantee if you think the InsivibleShield doesn’t protect your Apple iPad from scratches.
The InvisibleShield will be available in three versions, which the details are as follows:
Screen and Front Coverage
Simple and straightforward, invisibleSHIELD™ Screen Coverage protects the most important part of the device. Featuring quick application and great protection for a gadget screen only.
Full Body Coverage
A perfect medium, invisibleSHIELD™ Full Body protects the whole device including the screen with intuitive, uncomplicated designs. Award-winning protection with easy application is the hallmark of the invisibleSHIELD™ Full Body – our most popular option.
Back Coverage
Gadget protection gets an upgrade with invisibleSHIELD™ Back Coverage. Transitioning from Screen Coverage to Full Body is simple with the same great protection, easy application, and careful design.
If you want the full body coverage, you have to pay as much as $35, while the other two versions cost you only $25 each. The clip below shows the scratch test of the InvisibleShield.

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