Saturday, 22 December 2012

Microsoft sells out the $499 32GB Surface RT tablet pre-orders

Microsoft Surface Tablet is the Windows RT & Windows 8 Pro-powered tablet which has got lots of buzz recently. The tablet has been made available for pre-order on Microsoft website and the lowest priced model, $499 32GB RT, has already sold out in pre-orders.
The tablet has just been opened for pre-order for about a day only and is now backordered by three weeks. This is a pretty impressive result for Microsoft which is the first timer in the tablet business.
The Surface RT tablet is available in three models. Besides the lowest priced $499 32GB model (without black cover), the next two higher-end models are the 32GB with black cover at $599 and 64GB priced at $699 with black cover as well.
If you want colored cover you have to pay an additional $130 for blue, pink or red and an additional $120 for a white touch cover. The result seems impressive for Microsoft for their first day of pre-orders of the Surface RT tablet but unfortunately there is is no figure to be announced about how many units have been sold. These MS Surface tablets are slated to ship on October 26.
Btw, the MS Surface tablets are deemed as rivals for the iPad. Although the MS tablets seem having pretty impressive hardware specs including 10.6-in 1366×768 multi-touch screen, a massive 2GB of ram and a quad-core Nvidia T30 processor but very unfortunate, you don’t get many apps to play with. Currently, there are only 4k+ of apps for the MS tablets. More comparison between the MS tablet and the iPad can be found on PCmag

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