Saturday, 22 December 2012

BuddyGuard turns your iPhone into a personal protection device

iPhone has become a very useful device thanks to many great apps available for it. If you’ve been worried about your own personal safety, the BuddyGuard app is what you need on your iPhone, to turn it into a personal protection device that may help avoid bad lucks in life. The BuddyGuard app aims to reinforce personal safety precautions, aid public safety personnels in emergency situations.

The BuddyGuard app also hooks up to private search and rescue services from the leading global provider, GEOS. The BuddyGuard app makes use of the iPhone’s built-in camera, GPS, recording and messaging functions to safeguard the users in situations such as traveling away from home, completing in-person transactions, meeting new people or entering unfamiliar or isolated areas.
The BuddyGuard app is able to snap photos with sound and location with GPS coordinates in the interval of every 3 seconds, and stores the data securely on a virtual secure server. It’ll also send emergency notifications to designated contact persons via SMS, email, phone while the alarm is triggered. It also displays the nearby law enforcement officers or police stations on a map, so you can rush there for help, while you’re being threatened. It’s also lets your iPhone sense a fall, a roll and a 5G stop and sends an emergency alert while it’s triggered.
All the mentioned features of the BuddyGuard iPhone app is free. But a more advanced version which ties with the GEOS’ service will need you to pay for $120 a year. The service is worth as it’ll also alert emergency contacts and the GEOS’ International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) and relay them with details including audio, location (GPS coordinates), video, along with detailed descriptions. GEOS also has further service that does additional search and rescue efforts if it’s deemed necessary, and cover the costs up to $100k per year and $50k per single incident. The BuddyGuard app can be had from iTunes.

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