Friday, 30 November 2012

Dual SIM card adapter for your iPhone 5, 4S and 4

if you wish to have dual SIM capabilities on your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or 4, here comes a Dual SIM card adapter that adds dual SIM capabilities to your iPhone.
With the dual SIM adapter your iPhone can have two SIM cards at the same time. This is useful for those who want to use two different numbers on one phone. It also eliminates the hassle of having to change SIM card frequently which may damage the SIM slot of your iPhone.
The dual sim adapter will have the first SIM card inserted into your iPhone’s SIM slot and the second SIM card exposed. But it comes with a case that helps keep the second SIM card attached to your iPhone. Installation is deemed pretty easy, a clip is included below showing how you can get the dual SIM adapter going on your iPhone 5 or 4S. And the adapter is available for $34 on usbfever

FloJack brings NFC to your iPhone 5

None of the iPhone models in the market offers you the NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities. As a long-time user of the iPhone, we’ll definitely not give up our iPhones just for the sake of NFC. Well, if you still prefer NFC on your iPhone, there is a little device called FloJack which can be added on to your iPhone to enable NFC.

FloJack is a device by Flomio, a Techstars cloud company. It comes in the size of tiny dongle which suits your iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, new iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPod touch 4G and 5G. It simply plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack of your iOS device.
NFC basically allows two NFC-capable devices to have wireless conversation when they’re closely held together. It’s pretty similar to Bluetooth except NFC uses touch to establish the connection. With the FloJack on your iPhone, you can also have NFC as well. Your iOS device needs to be installed with the With Flomio’s NFC Actions App to allow it to read and write an NFC tag and one of the Flomio’s Zapps to create a new experience.
When your NFC-enabled iPhone (by FloJack) is brought near to an NFC tag, a chip inside the tag sends a little message to tell your iOS device to do something. The Zapp tag can open apps, play music or launch videos. Further requirements can be programmed into the Zapp tag such as telling a friend’s direction, scheduling a meeting and setting up a reminder and more.
FloJack is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter and is expected to retail at $60 MSRP and ship in March 2013.

Editable rice cracker iPhone case

Sometimes, the iPhone can be a lifesaver by itself or with the helps of a number of accessories out there. Here comes an iPhone case designed by the Japanese which is the first of its kind, being an editable iPhone case and made from rice cracker.
Rice cracker isn’t anything durable or protective but it may save your life, temporarily relieve your hunger while you’re starving in the middle of nowhere.
The rice cracker iPhone case may break in various situations since it’s not meant for durability. But the ‘Survival case’ can either be eaten or used as a starter for a roaring fire (after the iPhone is removed, of course). You can have it from Gizmine at a whopping price tag of $85 – too much for a rice cracker!

Revamped Jawbone UP with iOS app tracking sleep patterns

Jawbone UP was announced last year which comes in the form of a wrist-worn device to track your fitness and health and pairs with your smartphone for detailed analysis. The device can track your workouts , sleep and daily activities and you can even set it to wake you up gently.

Unfortunately the first version of the Jawbone UP had some issues and was issued a recall and given refunds, a few weeks after its release. Problems included faulty construction that let water in to damage the circuit board and furthermore the circuit board could crack over time.
Now, new version of Jawbone UP is ready which has been revamped, promising better quality. It’s now available on the company website for $130 and is currently only available in Onyx color. While 7 more colors will come later.
Other than that, Jawbone UP iOS app now offers more details of tracking including the ability to track light vs deep sleep. You can scan the food barcode to analyze the amount of calories etc. An Android version of the app is also in the works.

Make any speaker and headphone Bluetooth-enabled with Outdoor Tech ADAPT

Now you can easily make any wired headphones and speakers cordless by using the OutDoor Tech Adapt. It’s a little adapter that plugs into the 3.5mm audio jack of your headphones or speakers to allow them to pair with your audio sources via Bluetooth.
Basically the Adapt itself is the one that receives audio signals wirelessly via Bluetooth from audio sources such as your smartphones, music players. And it transmits the audio signals to the headphones or speaker that it’s plugged into.
There’s an unlimited amount of products that the ADAPT is compatible with – from headphones, to speakers to home theater systems – the products become wireless and controlled directly from the ADAPT. The ADAPT also features a built in mic so those headphones or earbuds without an inline mic are now fully functional for crystal clear calls.
The days of being tethered to your mobile device with all your corded accessories is gone with this simple solution. The colorful variety ensures that you will find a shade to fit your style and with a built-in li-Polymer rechargeable battery you’ll be enjoying wireless connectivity for hours. Charging is also a cinch with a micro USB charger included.
The Adapt can be had from Amazon for $40 only.

Super cute toaster USB hub and bread USB flash drives

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Some USB hub and flash drives can give you a boost of your mood. The Toaster Hub and Toast USB drives are definitely one of those that can eliminate your bad moods.
The set is available on Firebox. The Toaster USB hub is accompanied by four pieces of toasts – bread-shaped USB drives which feature four funny facial expressions. And the drives have been given cute names known as Butta, Ry Ry, Crip and Tato.
The toaster USB hub features 4 USB ports which mimic the slots on a real toaster. And the slots are meant for the four bread-shaped drives to go in.
To collect a complete set of the super cute Toaster hub and flash drives, you’ve gotta spend as much as £70. Or you can just buy them separately, the toaster USB hub costs £18 and each bread USB drive costs £13. More info on Firebox

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Mummy protects your iPhone 5

Musubo lets you wrap your iPhone 5 like a mummy, with its newly announced Mummy iPhone 5 case. The Mummy has been designed to bring both protection and fashion to your iPhone 5.
The Mummy brings your iPhone 5 to a new level of worship by enveloping it in a soft touch TPU casing that delivers both high performance protection and style. The case has been well designed without blocking any access to any ports of your iPhone 5. And of course it keeps your iPhone protected from dirts, dusts, knocks and more.
The Mummy case features a premium gloss finish in several color options including black, chartreuse, neon magenta, purple and white. You can have the Mummy case for $30 each on Amazon

Monday, 26 November 2012

Google Nexus 4 smartphone gets drop test

New smartphones will always get drop tests by some groups out there to test how durable they are. The LG Google Nexus 4 smartphone has also been given a drop test by the guys at Fuchs Phone.

The video is in German but you do not need to understand what the tester is talking about to understand the drop test. There were actually two tests. The first test was the Nexus 4 dropped on the pavement and and it didn’t get any cracks or damage.
The second test was having the Nexus 4 lifted up to an average height and the handset was unfortunately landed on its glass-laden backside; giving it a nasty shatter on the upper right. The clip is included below.

iBattz launches portable battery for your iPhone and iPad

If you’re always on the go and you need plenty of juice for your mobile devices, iBattz has the right portable battery for you. Known as the BattStation Tough Pro, is a portable battery that provides juice as much as 7200mAh and 8400mAh for your mobile devices.

The BattStation Tough Pro has also been ruggedized, allowing it to accompany you to any harsh environments out there. It’s resistant to drop and water. Furthermore, it’s got built-in flashlight that will come in handy during emergency.
The BattStation is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports and capable of charging two USB-chargeable devices including your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The 7200mAH and 8400mAH models are priced at $30 and $40 respectively. It’s available on iBattz

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Frohne eClip USB flash drive doubles up as a paper clip and metric ruler

USB flash drives can come in various shapes and be useful for other purposes other than just being a data storage device. Here comes the Frohne eClip USB flash drive. which also doubles up as a paperclip and a metric ruler besides storing your data.

The Frohne eClip USB flash drive doubles up as a paper clip, can be useful for office workers to transfer both the hard and soft copies of data at the same time. The soft copy of data is stored in the eClip itself while the eClip also serves as a paper clip that holds certain printed-copies of the data together. The paper clip design also makes it easier for you to carry it around by simply clipping it on your pocket or a folder.
eClip also comes with encryption technology that securely protects your data; giving you peace of mind. It’s got a metric ruler at one end as well which comes in handy for engineers, chefs and other professionals for a quick measurement whenever they need it.

Trial production of iPhone 5S rumored to start by end of the year?

Apple will usually have a major refresh of its iPhone every two years and a minor refresh every year. Such as in the past, an iPhone 3G followed by the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 followed by iPhone 4S a year later.

Apparently, after having revealed the iPhone 5 in Fall this year, the Cupertino company is expected to unveil the iPhone 5S sometimes next year. And rumors suggest that it could be less than a year that Apple would release the iPhone 5S.
According to Digitimes who relayed a report from Commercial Times, Apple is very likely to start trial production of the iPhone 5S as early as this year. If the trial production is successful the volume production could start as early as in Q1 2013 which would probably bring the release of the iPhone 5′s successor earlier than usual.
Anyway, this is currently just a rumor which you should just take it as a grain of salt. But it wouldn’t be too surprising as Apple did refresh its iPad less than a year.

Lumen Smart Bulb – iPhone-controlled color changing LED bulb

It’s another iPhone-controller color-changing LED known as the Lumen Smart Bulb. This LED bulb comes with an accompanying iOS app which allows you to control its colors on your iOS device.

The smart led bulb itself offers 400 lumens of warm white light which is equivalent to a 60 watt bulb but it consumes only one tenth of the power. It works with standard E27 sockets.
The smart bulb is a dimmable LED RGBW (Red, Blue, Green and White) bulb meaning it can create light in any color in the color spectrum. The accompanying iOS app lets you have one touch control to set the smart bulb into four different modes including party mode, sleep mode, ambient mode and wake mode as detailed as follows:
“Party Mode” transforms any space into a dance floor with flashing lights which change color to suit the music playing.
“Sleep Mode” simulates calming moonlight to improve sleep and enhance rest.
“Wake Mode” starts with a very dim light, gradually brightening until it reaches maximum intensity at the stipulated wake up time. Users can customize how long the brightening process should take, from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
“Ambient Mode” creates the perfect conditions for a romantic date or quiet evening at home using a soft, dim light
Currently the Lumen Smart Bulb is a project at its fund-raising stage on Indiegogo. You just need to contribute $45 to get you a reserved Smart bulb when it’s released later.

Wallet TrackR ensures you’ll never lose your wallet

If you’ve always misplaced your wallet, the Wallet TrackR and your iPhone will be the great helpers for you, ensuring you’ll never leave your wallet behind.
The Wallet TrackR has been designed to keep your wallet linked with your iPhone via Bluetooth. And you’ll be alerted when your wallet and your iPhone are apart and exceeded the set range.
The accompanying iPhone app also shows you with the last location of your wallet. The app also takes GPS snapshots of where your wallet was at the point of separation.
The Wallet TrackR has a replaceable battery and it pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0 which keeps power consumption at minimal. The Wallet TrackR also works the other way around, helps you keep track of your iPhone if you always misplace your instead of your wallet.
Currently, Wallet TrackR is currently just a concept, hoping to raise as much as $250K to bring it into production. More info is available on

BlackBerry 10 device spotted next to iPhone 5

RIM has lost all its influences on the smartphone markets due to the rise of iOS, Android and Windows phones. But RIM claims to make a change next year by releasing several BlackBerry 10 devices by Feb 2013.
If you’ve been a BlackBerry fan and you’ve been wondering how a BlackBerry 10 device would look like, here comes a picture posted by TechCrunch, showing a BlackBerry 10 device placed side by side with an iPhone 5.
The BlackBerry 10 device shown in the picture looks quite like a Droid X/X2 and it appears a little wider than the iPhone 5. And it’s encased in a bumper. The screen isn’t turned on thus making it’s hard to judge how the BlackBerry 10 OS is.
RIM’s BlackBerry 10 has more emphasis on the software instead of the hardware. Therefore, no mentions on how the devices’ specs will be like. The RIM’s BlackBerry 10 is all about the OS experience which is just like how Apple emphasizes on its iOS.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Ships over Ship ?

This is the biggest ship on the planet that can carry anything from a complete Oil Refinery to Military Warships and Submarines! Blue Marlin is owned by Dockwise Shipping of the Netherlands and was previously owned by Offshore Heavy Transport of Oslo, Norway, who built it in 2000.
Blue Marlin once delivered the oil platform Thunder Horse PDQ, weighing 60,000 tons, to Corpus Christi, Texas for completion.
Furthermore, in 2005 Blue Marlin moved the gas refinery Snøhvit from its construction site in Cádiz to Hammerfest in 11 days.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Review:

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos basically targets those who are the beginners in usage of Smart phones. These are the ones to explore and know more. This phone is the starting range in smart phones and hence, serves the budget of anyone. This phone is a tough competition to all the other basic smart phones like Nokia Lumia 610 etc.
Talking about features, this phones serves a dual phone purpose which is a special add on considering the wooing rebates that every service provider is giving along with their SIMs. Using 2 SIMS is definitely a cost reducing factor on calls. So, this makes it more desirable.
Basic level Android is also a good to have feature. Since today’s smart phones have a lot to do with the right OS in them to be able to support a wide range of Apps. Considering the large compatibility that android has, there are very few applications that this phone cannot go along with.
Samsung Galaxy Y Duos comes with the camera which supports 3.15 MP resolutions. Camera is supported with the fixed focus feature. The SMS view shows up in threaded format so that the conversations look more relevant. The Wi-Fi enabled connectivity ensures that the user is not off the social network at any point of time.
The light weight of 109g is another factor to make this phone stand different in crowd.  Micro SD card slot is provided along with the phone. The inbuilt memory of 160 MB can be supplemented with external memory up to 32 GB which is huge.
Other applications include the YouTube, document viewer, Google talk, Picasa integration, voice dial, Predictive text input, Organizer, calendar, Image / video editor are much more to ask for within the given price and considering the fact that it’s a basic model in smart phones. These are the phones which are designed carefully, keeping youth and college goers in mind as the target, since the maximum usage of them is on images and social networking. Another reason why this targets at youth is because of the confidence that the makers have on the price. The low price of this phone is sure to make a happy hit on the pockets of the youth or their parents’.
With 9 hr talk time, this phone is sure to steal the hearts of the basic users of smart phones. All the application given in built will help the user to explore more and experiment with the gadget. There are  more applications which can be downloaded from the android web page. This fully loaded light weight phone is all set to capture a major part of the market for smart phones due it’s light weight on pockets as well. It’s low price being a big add on, the dual SIM and a wide range of apps are definitely to add more. The unlimited social net working which is supported with 3G and WiFi will get youth attracted to it in a more prominent manner.