Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lumen Smart Bulb – iPhone-controlled color changing LED bulb

It’s another iPhone-controller color-changing LED known as the Lumen Smart Bulb. This LED bulb comes with an accompanying iOS app which allows you to control its colors on your iOS device.

The smart led bulb itself offers 400 lumens of warm white light which is equivalent to a 60 watt bulb but it consumes only one tenth of the power. It works with standard E27 sockets.
The smart bulb is a dimmable LED RGBW (Red, Blue, Green and White) bulb meaning it can create light in any color in the color spectrum. The accompanying iOS app lets you have one touch control to set the smart bulb into four different modes including party mode, sleep mode, ambient mode and wake mode as detailed as follows:
“Party Mode” transforms any space into a dance floor with flashing lights which change color to suit the music playing.
“Sleep Mode” simulates calming moonlight to improve sleep and enhance rest.
“Wake Mode” starts with a very dim light, gradually brightening until it reaches maximum intensity at the stipulated wake up time. Users can customize how long the brightening process should take, from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
“Ambient Mode” creates the perfect conditions for a romantic date or quiet evening at home using a soft, dim light
Currently the Lumen Smart Bulb is a project at its fund-raising stage on Indiegogo. You just need to contribute $45 to get you a reserved Smart bulb when it’s released later.

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