Friday, 30 November 2012

Make any speaker and headphone Bluetooth-enabled with Outdoor Tech ADAPT

Now you can easily make any wired headphones and speakers cordless by using the OutDoor Tech Adapt. It’s a little adapter that plugs into the 3.5mm audio jack of your headphones or speakers to allow them to pair with your audio sources via Bluetooth.
Basically the Adapt itself is the one that receives audio signals wirelessly via Bluetooth from audio sources such as your smartphones, music players. And it transmits the audio signals to the headphones or speaker that it’s plugged into.
There’s an unlimited amount of products that the ADAPT is compatible with – from headphones, to speakers to home theater systems – the products become wireless and controlled directly from the ADAPT. The ADAPT also features a built in mic so those headphones or earbuds without an inline mic are now fully functional for crystal clear calls.
The days of being tethered to your mobile device with all your corded accessories is gone with this simple solution. The colorful variety ensures that you will find a shade to fit your style and with a built-in li-Polymer rechargeable battery you’ll be enjoying wireless connectivity for hours. Charging is also a cinch with a micro USB charger included.
The Adapt can be had from Amazon for $40 only.

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