Friday, 9 November 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Review:

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos basically targets those who are the beginners in usage of Smart phones. These are the ones to explore and know more. This phone is the starting range in smart phones and hence, serves the budget of anyone. This phone is a tough competition to all the other basic smart phones like Nokia Lumia 610 etc.
Talking about features, this phones serves a dual phone purpose which is a special add on considering the wooing rebates that every service provider is giving along with their SIMs. Using 2 SIMS is definitely a cost reducing factor on calls. So, this makes it more desirable.
Basic level Android is also a good to have feature. Since today’s smart phones have a lot to do with the right OS in them to be able to support a wide range of Apps. Considering the large compatibility that android has, there are very few applications that this phone cannot go along with.
Samsung Galaxy Y Duos comes with the camera which supports 3.15 MP resolutions. Camera is supported with the fixed focus feature. The SMS view shows up in threaded format so that the conversations look more relevant. The Wi-Fi enabled connectivity ensures that the user is not off the social network at any point of time.
The light weight of 109g is another factor to make this phone stand different in crowd.  Micro SD card slot is provided along with the phone. The inbuilt memory of 160 MB can be supplemented with external memory up to 32 GB which is huge.
Other applications include the YouTube, document viewer, Google talk, Picasa integration, voice dial, Predictive text input, Organizer, calendar, Image / video editor are much more to ask for within the given price and considering the fact that it’s a basic model in smart phones. These are the phones which are designed carefully, keeping youth and college goers in mind as the target, since the maximum usage of them is on images and social networking. Another reason why this targets at youth is because of the confidence that the makers have on the price. The low price of this phone is sure to make a happy hit on the pockets of the youth or their parents’.
With 9 hr talk time, this phone is sure to steal the hearts of the basic users of smart phones. All the application given in built will help the user to explore more and experiment with the gadget. There are  more applications which can be downloaded from the android web page. This fully loaded light weight phone is all set to capture a major part of the market for smart phones due it’s light weight on pockets as well. It’s low price being a big add on, the dual SIM and a wide range of apps are definitely to add more. The unlimited social net working which is supported with 3G and WiFi will get youth attracted to it in a more prominent manner.

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