Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wallet TrackR ensures you’ll never lose your wallet

If you’ve always misplaced your wallet, the Wallet TrackR and your iPhone will be the great helpers for you, ensuring you’ll never leave your wallet behind.
The Wallet TrackR has been designed to keep your wallet linked with your iPhone via Bluetooth. And you’ll be alerted when your wallet and your iPhone are apart and exceeded the set range.
The accompanying iPhone app also shows you with the last location of your wallet. The app also takes GPS snapshots of where your wallet was at the point of separation.
The Wallet TrackR has a replaceable battery and it pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0 which keeps power consumption at minimal. The Wallet TrackR also works the other way around, helps you keep track of your iPhone if you always misplace your instead of your wallet.
Currently, Wallet TrackR is currently just a concept, hoping to raise as much as $250K to bring it into production. More info is available on

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