Friday, 30 November 2012

Revamped Jawbone UP with iOS app tracking sleep patterns

Jawbone UP was announced last year which comes in the form of a wrist-worn device to track your fitness and health and pairs with your smartphone for detailed analysis. The device can track your workouts , sleep and daily activities and you can even set it to wake you up gently.

Unfortunately the first version of the Jawbone UP had some issues and was issued a recall and given refunds, a few weeks after its release. Problems included faulty construction that let water in to damage the circuit board and furthermore the circuit board could crack over time.
Now, new version of Jawbone UP is ready which has been revamped, promising better quality. It’s now available on the company website for $130 and is currently only available in Onyx color. While 7 more colors will come later.
Other than that, Jawbone UP iOS app now offers more details of tracking including the ability to track light vs deep sleep. You can scan the food barcode to analyze the amount of calories etc. An Android version of the app is also in the works.

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