Thursday, 6 December 2012

Drop tests : iPad Mini vs Nexus 7

Here are two interesting videos by SquareTrade and Android authority performing drop tests to compare the durability between the iPad Mini and Nexus 7.

The SquareTrade’s drop tests also include the iPad 3 and they used a specially designed Drop Bot to drop the three tablets from different heights and angles. They also immersed the tablets into water to find out which tablet could survive the damage of water.
All the 3 tablets got pretty much damage on their screens while they were dropped with their faces down. And the Nexus 7 seemed to have least damage on its screen. But only the iPad Mini and iPad 3 survived the drop into water which still showed functioning on their touch displays but the Nexus 7 was not able to turn on after it’d been dropped into water.

The test performed by Android authority consisted of three tests which are dropping on their sides, on their backs and with their faces down. Only the iPad Mini survived all the three tests with its touchscreen still functioning after all the 3 tests. The Nexus 7 already stopped functioning completely after the second drop test.
Apparently, it’s only the iPad Mini that is durable enough and able to survive your carelessness of accidental dropping or dropping it into the water. Forget about the Nexus 7, if you’re accident-prone!

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