Saturday, 22 December 2012

All you need to know about iPhone OS 4

The Apple iPhone OS 4 has been officially announced today. The previously rumored multi-tasking feature of the iPhone OS 4 has now been pronounced as official, so it enables iPhone 3GS and 3rd gen iPod Touch (ie, late 2009 models) to multitask. But no multi-tasking support for the older versions of iPhone such as the iPhone 3G.

iPad will not get the iPhone OS 4 till fall but the rest of Apple products (iPhone and iPod Touch) will get it in summer. The iPhone OS 4 has been added with 7 new features which one of them is the above-mentioned multi-tasking, which doesn’t drain battery or resources while having multiple tasks running.
Along with multi-task, 1,500 new APIs have been added to the new OS so developers are able to use these newly added system functions for more innovative app developments. The next couple of features are ability to create folders on home screen, drag and drop icons into folders for grouping, Enhanced Mail adds email capabilities such as ability to group all emails from several accounts under a single inbox.
iBook which is now only available for the iPad now, will be available on iPhone OS 4 to allow you to read e-books like the iPad. Game Center gathers about 50,000 games in one place and allows you to compare scores with other games. iAd, which aims to iron out better advertisements on the iPhone and lets developers get 60% revenue share while they add the ads to their apps.
Engadget has had their hands on, by having installed the iPhone OS 4 on their existing iPhone 3GS. They’ve tested all the above mentioned features. Their findings including a slider is used to zoom camera and works more responsively than the usual pinch-to-zoom of the iPhone’s camera. Creating folder and dropping apps into the folder is also responsive and friendly to use. But deleting of folders in iTunes 9.1 doesn’t work and no indication how they’ll deal with it. Watch the clip below for the hands-on. And also find out more on the live event of iPhone OS 4.

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