Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tinke for iPhone tracks your Cardiorespiratory Health & Stress On-the-Go

If you and your love ones are concerned about your health or any cardiorespiratory issues that you might have been facing, here comes a little device known as Tinke which can track your health and Cardiorespiratory health and stress while on the go. And you can have the results shared on Facebook or Twitter to get your friends, relatives and followers aware of your health status
Tinke comes in the form of a tiny dongle which hooks up to the 30-pin connector of the iPhone 4S or 4 and older generations of iPod Touches and iPads. Tinke can be used with your iPhone 5 of iPod Touch 5G only via the lightning to 30 pin adapter.
Cardiorespiratory is defined as
the ability of your heart, lungs and organs to consume, transport and utilize oxygen, thus it’s important to monitor to maintain a healthy life style; especially if you’re one lacking regular exercises. The Tinke uses optical sensing technologies to capture blood volume changes which both tracks your Cardiorespiratory and stress levels into two easily understandable indexes right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
Vita Index: A personalized cardiorespiratory score that is created by piecing data collected from heart rate, blood oxygen level and respiratory rate
Zen Index: Using heart rate variability as a basis, a personalized score for your stress levels is determined from analyzing the rhythm of your heart rate.
Tinke can be had from for $119 and the iOS app is free for download from the Apple App Store.

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