Saturday, 22 December 2012

iPhone 4.0 OS to come with multi-tasking support

Apple is working on the new iPhone 4.0 operating system, and the most prominent feature is it’ll come with multitasking support, a feature that has been most demanded by most iPhone users.

With the multi-tasking support, the iPhone OS will be able to run multiple third-party applications in the background. The current iPhone OS 3.x already comes with multi-task support but only limited to some Apple-developed applications e.g. SMS, email, voice recorder etc.
But 3rd party applications are prevented from multi-tasking due to some reasons including security concern, extra CPU load and processes that will quickly drain out the battery and memory and other resource allocation problem among multiple apps.
But when the iPhone 4.0 OS becomes ready, it’d have been fixed with all the problems faced with multi-tasking in previous versions of iPhone OSes. Some more, improvement in hardware with better processor and more memory, such as the iPhone 4G, will make multi-tasking much smoother on the next-generation iPhone. Anyway, the iPhone 4.0 OS still has a way to go, no indication yet about when likely it’ll be launched.

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