Tuesday, 18 December 2012

InstaTxtr spices up your Instagram photos with texts, effects, frames and more

I’ve become an Instagram enthusiast and been passionate about mobile app development in the year of 2012. Thus, before the year of 2012 ends, I’d like to introduce a new iPhone app which I’ve developed and has just been released on Apple App Store today. It’s called InstaTxtr, which is an iPhone app that allows you to spice up your photos with texts, awesome filters and photo frames.

InstaTxtr is straightforward to use, similar to most iOS photo apps e.g. Instagram, which gives you options to snap a picture with your device’s camera or choose a photo from the photo library (Please remember to allow InstaTxtr to access your photo library on an iOS 6 device). The InstaTxtr app then presents you an editing view to allow you to further beautify your photo with options of adding texts, effects, photo frames and more.
A picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes the thousand words are insufficient to convey your messages correctly to your IG friends or loved ones. With InstaTxtr iPhone app, you’re able to add texts to your photos, allowing a simple and plain photo to be spiced up and more precisely convey your message or express yourself. There are 6 font types and 3 font sizes to choose from. Adding texts to your photo is super easy, just tap the compose button, and you’ll get a text box which is similar to the SMS text box that you’re familiar with. And the text will appear right away on your photo when you type along. And you can also drag the text to re-position on your photo. It’s simply simple and fun!
The version 1.0 of InstaTxtr also comes with 15 awesome filters, namely B&W, Sepia, Jesselton, Tea Time, Ocean, Rainy, Cygnus, Vintage, Greenland, Romance, Pinky, Cloudy, Morning, Memories and Sunset which allows you to apply to your photos. And there are 10 photo frames as well to frame your photos. Furthermore, if you want your own custom adjustment and controls to make your photo more stunning looking, you just need to move the sliders to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of your photo.
Sharing options: InstaTxtr allows you to share your photo on various services including Instagram, StreamZoo, Facebook, Twitter and more. And you also have options to save the filtered photo to your camera roll and email the photo your friends and relatives.
Last but not least, InstaTxtr also offers productivity for Instragram by allowing you to preset hash tags in the app’s settings. This eliminates the hassles of having to repeatedly to enter the same hash tags when posting on Instagram. Using hash tags on your Instragram photos allows for better reachability to other Instragram users and helps you gain more followers. The InstaTxtr app is now available on Apple App Store for $0.99 USD and more info is available on InstaTxtr.com

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