Saturday, 22 December 2012

World’s cheapet tablet costs $35 only

The world’s cheapest tablet is to go to India which aims at students to help improve education in that country. The cheapest tablet is priced at $35 only. Despite such a low price it packs pretty decent specs according to the source, which will come included with an Internet browsers, PDF reader, open office, media player, sci lab, remote device management, video conferencing capability, multimedia input-output interface option, and a multiple content viewer.
This tablet will run the Linux OS, have a touchscreen and the hardware will provide flexibility to be integrated with new components to suit the user needs. It’ll likely settle at the size of 7 inches. And there will be a solar panel as an option with additional more price you have to pay, making it handy in a under-developed country especially for areas that are little or without electricity.

This touchscreen tablet was developed by the Institute of Technology in India and the Institute of Science and has been dubbed the Sakshat tablet. Currently, they’re still looking for manufacturers to mass produce this tablet, with a hope to bring the price down to around $20 or even lower in order to be widely affordable for students.

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