Saturday, 22 December 2012

Wacom wireless Intuos tablet for PC and Mac

Wacom has now rolled out a wireless version of their input tablet for PC and Mac. The Wacom’s Intuos tablet pairs with your PC or Mac via Bluetooth and allows you to use it as a tablet-like input for your computers wirelessly.

The Intuos tablet needs to be charged before you can go wireless. The internal lithium-ion battery allows it to run up to 18 hours of semi-active use. It can be connected to your computer’s USB port for recharge or used as a wired option for frequent use.
The Intuos tablet features a a 9.4-inch diagonal surface area and comes with a stylus with 2,048 levels of pressure. The device also caters for Mac users specifically with labeled Command and Option key shortcuts. But all users will get all the 8 keys as well as touch ring that handles up to 4 different programmable commands per app. It’s available now and runs you at $399 and the battery costs you between $39 and $49.

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