Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Boost your memory iOS and Android apps for the forgetful

Your memory will become poorer and poorer while you age. So, you’ll need a way to train your memory while you’re on the go. Creat studios have created a mobile app for both your iOS and Android devices, known as Boost Your Memory, which does what its name suggests, helping you boost your memory while you’re on the go.

It’s kinda fun, such as the Flash Test which presents you a matrix of several marked cells for a split second, you’ll then have to memorize and mark the cell positions later.
As shown in the above screen shots, I managed to get the marked cell’s positions correctly in the matrixes of nine and twelve on my iPhone. So, my memory is still ok, I guess. I didn’t proceed to test further, there are more complex matrixes which I’ll try later.
The iPhone and Android versions of the Boost Your Memory app are available for FREE on the Apple App Store and Amazon store respectively. While the iPad version costs $0.99.

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