Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hasbro My3D viewer adds 3D viewing capabilities to your iPhone or iPod Touch

Various gadgets have been rolling out with 3D capabilities but the Apple iDevices are still behind in 3D tech. But now 3D technology can be simply added to the iPhone or iPod Touch by an accessory called My3D viewer which is a product of Hasbro.

The My3D viewer allows iPhone or iPod Touch users to view 3D images using proprietary My3D apps which will be made available with a free and paid version. The 3D contents that are viewable on the My3D apps including those from Discovery Channel, IMAX, Dreamworks Animation, Sony and Apple.
These 3D contents include 3D games, short movie clips and some 3D adventurous apps such as one that involves a virtual scuba diver. The My3D viewer is expected to be available sometime in next Spring at a price of $30.

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