Thursday, 6 December 2012

iBell turns your iPhone into a double-bell alarm clock

A retro alarm clock with two bells will be the most effective one to wake you up, if you’re a heavy sleeper. If your iPhone has never been an effective alarm clock for you, you can now easily turn it into a more effective alarm clock I.e. by using iBell to turn it into a retro double-bell alarm clock.
iBell is available in two models. A version that offers itself as a dock for your iPhone and provides charging capabilities. And also a mini version that only provides your iPhone with two bells but doesn’t recharge your iPhone while they’re hooked up together.
The iBell has an accompanying iPhone app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The instructions are in Japanese but it’s self-explanatory, should be straightforward for most users. The iBell and iBell mini are available on JapanTrendshopat $38 and $27 respectively.

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