Saturday, 22 December 2012

iPad gets Smule Magic Piano app

Open your eyes to more applications for the iPad before the actual launch date, so you’ll know where you’ll be headed to with the iPad. If you love playing musical instruments or you’ve had great experience with the Smule Ocarina app on the iPhone, I bet you’ll also fall in love with the Magic Piano app, which was exclusively made for the Apple iPad by Smule.

The iPad Magic Piano app was designed inspired by the world-renowned pianist Lang Lang. The screenshots attached above show the Magic Piano app presents you a circle or spiral piano instead of the usual straight keyboard, frees you from the traditional way of piano playing.
You can also connect with other Piano users using the Magic Piano. It’s now priced at a limited sale price $2.99 for a limited that will expire on Mozart’s birthday. More info as follows:

Inspired by the world-renowned pianist Lang Lang, Magic Piano was conceived and designed exclusively for the iPad by Smule, creators of Ocarina, Leaf Trombone, and I Am T-Pain.
Play timeless pieces on spiral and circular keyboards, or follow beams of light – mastery requires only imagination.
Play alone, or travel through a warp hole and duet with other Magic Pianists across the world.
Available exclusively on the iPad. Limited sale of $2.99 (expires on Mozart’s birthday)
Smule’s newest app is a playful whimsical musical experience designed to delight iPad users. Impress your friends with how quickly you’ve mastered “Flight of the Bumblebee” and “Fur Elise”, or just amuse yourself playing “Heart and Soul”. You get to determine what your keyboard looks like – if a standard piano has too many keys, you can reduce the number to what works for you. And why does the keyboard have to be a straight line, when a circle is much more fun?
You can play preloaded songs by following beams of light – and set the difficulty level depending on your Magic Piano expertise or your mood. Want to just practice timing without working about key position? Go for it. If you want a slightly more traditional experience, you can set the Piano to respond to your hand placement. And if you’re tired of playing alone, you can venture into the world.
Travel around the Smule Globe to find other Piano users. Simply select “duet mode” and Magic Piano will create warp holes, and connect you with Pianists. You can play back and forth for a bit, and then the roulette wheel will spin again and you’ll meet another new person. If you want to stay connected to a single individual, just say so, and you can play back and forth to your heart’s content. And if you’d rather just listen into other player’s duets, you can do that too.
Product page: Smule Magic Piano for iPad
Update: Now the Magic Piano app is available on iTunes for a price of $3. Watch the few clips below showing the Magic Piano in action.

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