Thursday, 6 December 2012

Track Hurricane Sandy on your iPhone with Netatmo’s urban weather station

Netatmo’s Urban weather station is a personal weather station that pairs with your iPhone or iPad to allow you to track Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy hit New York on Monday (Oct 29) and has brought lots of devastating damages to many places. With the Netatmo’s personal weather station and its accompanying iPhone app, you can easily record your local environment’s condition and share with the community during this urgent time. This helps create a network of knowledge making it easier to track where Sandy is headed to.
The Netatmo’s weather station and its iPhone app allow you to easily share your current environmental status to Facebook and Twitter. The Netatmo’s device is capable of tracking or recording temperature, humidity, air quality and more. Features at a glance are as follows.

- Both the indoor and outdoor module contains a unique set of sensors to analyze and quantify each living environment
- The modules monitor weather conditions and personal environments – aiding health/wellness
- Device wirelessly transmits data through WiFi to user’s free iPhone app, which features an intuitive interface
- Free app and online portal stores all data for future reference and tracking
- Other functions: real-time notifications, average noise level assessment, detailed 7-day forecast and light indicator for reading CO2 levels
- Indoor and outdoor modules powered by included USB wall adapter and 4 AAA batteries, respectively

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