Thursday, 6 December 2012

LG Touch 10 Windows 8 monitor

Windows 8 is actually more optimized for the touchscreen and tablets instead of the conventional desktops or laptops. Windows 8 uses a group of touchscreen tiles to control the PC, without any of the conventional menus which users are familiar with.
Therefore in order to use Windows 8 with your PC, you’ve gotta have a monitor with touchscreen capabilities. Here comes the newly announced LG Touch 10 Windows 8 monitor that’s been specially designed for the new MS Windows 8 operating system.
The LG Touch 10 monitor offers up to 10 touch points simultaneously and and it’s a 23-inch monitor. LG also believes that this monitor will excite and inspire software developers and tech geeks.
The LG Touch 10 monitor aims to bring tablet like experience to your Windows 8 PC. It’s slated to the Korea next month and followed by Europe and other markets afterwards. No pricing info is available currently.

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