Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Android PhoneTell lets you search hard-to-find phone numbers

PhoneTell is an Android app that allows you to search phone numbers from multiple sources including your personal address book, GMail, Yellow Pages, White Pages, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Bing. The PhoneTell app is easy to use, such as to find a restaurant nearby, you can simply type “pizza” to get it to show you a list of Pizza places. Or you can also use voice command. Other than searching for phone numbers, the Phone Tell also manage calls, such as in the case you’re busy, unable to answer an incoming call, PhoneTell provides a custom SMS reply.

Now PhoneTell has also added a new service, which lets you easily find “hard-to-find” phone numbers. Such as you wanna find the customer service numbers for companies like, Apple, Paypal, Toyota, MasterCard or Dell etc, PhoneTell promises to provide the precise phone number to reach the real live person to help you.
There are a number of hard-to-find customer service numbers added to the new list of PhoneTell app including Direct TV, Disneyland Resort, the Geek Squad, PayPal, unlisted numbers and national 1-800 numbers. These are the numbers that you can’t get from 411 or from the Internet. Watch the clip below that shows the demo of the new features of PhoneTell.

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