Saturday, 22 December 2012

Archos 9PCtablet features touchscreen virtual QWERTY, DVB-T tuners and runs Windows 7

Archos 9PCtablet Tablet PC - an alternative to netbooks
The Archos 9PCtablet is a powerful tablet PC, which should be useful for those who want a secondary yet tiny and portable computer to bring along. It can be an alternative to netbook, if you do not mind that it has omitted the physical QWERTY. Being a tablet PC, it features a touchscreen display and presents you a virtual QWERTY on its touchscreen display.

The Archos 9PCtablet is stuffed with pretty powerful components, including the new Intel® ATOM™ Z515 processor, 80GB hard disk drive, 2 antennae for DVBT TV reception and Bluetooth support. And the best is it’ll run the new Windows 7 operating system.
The Archos 9PCtablet is to be priced at $599, a price that is expensive enough for you to pick up a decent laptop. But of course, for a tablet or netbook, you’re paying for the size and form factor.

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