Saturday, 22 December 2012

Apple Tablet with two images leaked

Two very interesting images have surfaced, seem to tell how the prototype of the Apple Tablet looks like. But what is in the pictures looks pretty unusually big, which the screen shows an iPhone app running on it on a whole-new interface at scaled resolution.

There are a WiFi and cellular service icons spotted on the screen, but can’t get what the career is. Engadget even has some early tips about the specs of the Apple Tablet, which they’re told the device would have a 10-inch screen, look like an larger iPhone with MacBook-like aluminum back. And it’d run $800 on contract with Verizon and $1000 without when it arrives in March.
They were also told that the official name still remained as a secret and now it’s still being called by the codename “K48″ by Apple employees. The rumors will likely get proven at the Apple press event, where the source also tells that iPhone will be coming to Verizon and iLife 10 will get announced.

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