Thursday, 27 December 2012

Turn your iPhone into a more comfortable desktop handset phone

Old folks are more used to using a desktop corded phone than a cellphone or smartphone such as the iPhone. A handy stand is now available on Hammacher, which allows the iPhone to be turned into a more comfortable desktop handset phone.

The iPhone Desktop Handset from Hammacher simply connects the iPhone via its 3.5mm headphone jack, so you’ll have a handy high-tech corded phone, while you do not feel like using a cell phone.
This stand also suggests a better way of using your iPhone, such as having the handset in one hand, and freeing the other hand for navigating the iPhone applications, such as email, calendar etc.
The stand takes power from the iPhone, however you can let the iPhone be charged from a computer or a wall outlet via a USB charging cable or adapter. With an anodized aluminum finish, the stand also holds the iPhone ata convenient angle, and lets it stay firmed on your desktop using four non-slip silicone pads.
The iPhone can be placed on the stand with or without a case. It also works with other smartphone via the standard earbud jack. If you want one, you can grab it from Hammacher for $60 each.

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