Thursday, 6 December 2012

Gear Docker docks any iOS device with its case on

Most docking stations usually give you the hassles of having to remove the protective case worn by your iPhone or iPad before docking it. Here comes the Gear Docker, a much handier docking station for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. What makes it more convenient than other docking stations is you can just dock your iOS device without having to take the protective case off your iOS device.

The Gear Docker can even dock an iOS device that wears a case of up to 1 inch in thickness. The Gear Docker is the idea of the Gear Nerd team led by David Seiffert who couldn’t find a dock that would work with his iPad in its case straightaway. The Gear Docker also promises to stay firmed while it’s placed on your work desk. It weighs nearly 3 pounds and is equipped with silicone rubber feet which let it stay in place.
Gear Docker will dock any model of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch including the older models with 30-pin connector and the iPhone 5 and iPad mini with the new lightning connector. The Gear docker also has a rear speaker jack and a front headphone jack. It’s got an expandable version known as Gear Docker Plus which docks and charges your iOS device as well as serves as a best companion for your Mac or PC by providing 6 additional USB 3.0 ports for your USB devices.
Gear Docker is at its fund raising stage at Kickstarter. The company is hoping to reach its pledge goal of $1,000,000. If everything goes accordingly the Gear dock shall ship starting in April 2013 and retail at $249 while the Gear Dock Plus will retail at $329. More info is also available on GearNerd website

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