Saturday, 15 December 2012

PocketPro analyzes your golf swing right on your iPhone

For a golfer who’s also an iPhone user, can now make use of an iPhone accessory called the PocketPro to analyze your golf swing right on your iPhone. The PocketPro is able to analyze a number of details including speed, tempo and even the angle which the club face hits the golf ball.

The PocketPro uses a small nylon clip that needs to be attached to the club, just below the grip, which does not interfere your swing. There is a PocketPro app running on your iPhone which records your swing while you play.
The clip has a 3-axis digital gyroscope inside and accelerometer sensors that measure the acceleration and rotation rate using MEMS. The measurements can be stored on the PocketPro clip tempoarily and while you’ve completed a round of golf, you can transfer the measurements to the iPhone via Bluetooth. The PocketPro app is able to reconstruct the entire swing using OpenGL 3D, so you can see how you swing from a third-person perspective. The price of the PocketPro will be announced later.

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