Saturday, 22 December 2012

Microsoft Courier dual-screen booklet

MS courier booklet
Microsoft is prepping a prototype of a dual-screen booklet, called Courier which is supposed to rival the rumored Apple iTablet when it’s finally released. With dual screens the device is supposed to provide better usability, which should be as handy as what a dual-screen computer can offer.

The dual-screens are 7-inch touchscreen displays which can be manipulated with fingers or using stylus for writing, drawing and flicking. The dual-screens definitely help those who’re overly busy, always need to perform multiple tasks on their devices.
The MS Courier dual-screen booklet allows you to have one screen launching a web browser for accessing some websites and the other screen can be used to write some reports, making you more productive. It definitely speeds up you work if you always need to have one screen opening to an original document and the other screen is for you to another document that resembles the original.

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