Friday, 4 January 2013

Drummer: iPhone can play drum now!

Now you drum on your iPhone or iPod Touch, thanks to the Drummer application for iPhone!
Besides playing guitar and piano, what else can you play on your iPhone? It’s drumming. Before stepping into the actual career of being a pro drummer, the iPhone can prepare you with the kick-start course you need to go for. Drumming on iPhone will need you to have pretty agile fingers. Drumming on the small iPhone touchscreen is definitely harder than drumming on a finger drum. But, it gives you the handiness that anytime you could practise with it. As I believe for now, the iPhone would have been the most ubiquitous gadget of yours.

The drum machine application on iPhone was developed by MooTheCow, and he gave it a simple name called “Drummer”. Besides, iPhone, it runs on iPod Touch too. Drummer allows you to play up to 15 unique audio samples (one on each finger touch pad). Similar to other musical apps on the Appe gadgets, it takes the advantage of the multi-touch capabilities, so you can play up to five sounds at once. And also, it allows you to play along with MP3. It comes with pre-installed sound sets including Rock, Dance, Electro and Jazz. You can also update with your own sample sounds easily.
Anyway, this drummer app is still on its BETA version, which is still unavailable for download for a try on your jailbroken iPhone yet. But you can get yourself prepared by reading more on MooCowMusic, keep an eye on it and be the first one to get when it gets released.

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