Friday, 4 January 2013

ROCCAT Power Grid app lets you control PC games and your computer with your iPhone

ROCCAT Studios, a German gaming peripherals manufacturer, has introduced the ROCCAT Power Grid app, which allows you to use your iPhone as a controller for PC gaming and your PC as well.

Power Grid is a free iOS app and lets you connect, monitor and control your PC and games in real time.
The app offers four control displays or “grids”. Three grids have been pre-loaded with a wide range of essential gaming tools. And the fourth grid is left for you to completely customize.
The three pre-set grids in the app are Incoming Center, Stats Control and Sound Control. The Incoming Center is where keeps you with streams of text and voice from Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Teamspeak etc. The Stats Control allows you to monitor your PC on your iPhone for vital data such as CPU usage, network traffic, HDD space etc. While the Sound Control grid is where you can fine tune every aspect of the gaming audio right on your iPhone.
Android and Windows versions of Power Grid will also be available. Find out more on

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