Thursday, 10 January 2013

InstaTxtr refreshed with 9 new fonts and top Instagram hashtags for more followers and likes

InstaTxtr version 1-2-5
InstaTxtr for iPhone has been refreshed with version 1.2.5 which now comes with 9 new beautiful fonts and offers the flexibility for you to scroll through the 15 beautiful shadow fonts for adding texts over your Instagram photos. The version 1.2.5 also comes with the top Instagram hashtags which add to your photo’s caption automatically to help you attract more Instagram followers and likes. Try this new feature out, you’ll be amazed that you’ll get much more likes and followers of your photos which you could never before.

If you do not like the top Instagram hashtags, you can still have an option to replace them with those hashtags which you commonly use for your Instagram photos. In the app’s settings, tap on the Additional Hashtags, which is where you can preset your Instagram hashtags. The preset hashtags will be added to your Instagram photo’s caption every time you’re posting. This eliminates the hassles of having to repeatedly enter the same Instagram hashtags, which in turn saves your time and allows you to post on Instagram single-handedly while on the run.
Flexibility of increasing and decreasing font size
The version 1.2.5 also offers the flexibility of increasing and decreasing font size by simply continuously tapping the + and – button respectively. (The older versions only provided you with 3 choices of font sizes, large, medium and small).
Document Interaction with other iOS apps
The version 1.2.5 of InstaTxtr allows for other iOS apps to send photo to it for adding text or further editing with filters, vignettes, frames etc via the iOS Document Interaction protocol. As shown in the screens below an image edited using SnapSpeed can be then sent to InstaTxtr for adding beautiful texts over the image or editing with different effects.
SnapSpeed send to InstaTxtr
InstaTxtr -further editing snapspeed-sent photo
This new version also comes with various other improvements and bug fixes including the improvement of the in-app camera and other general improvements. If you already own the InstaTxtr iPhone app, head over to Apple App store to update yours now for FREE. If you do not yet own it, grab it from Apple App store now for $1.99. Stay tuned, more features are coming including template backgrounds for Valentine’s day!

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