Wednesday, 9 January 2013

GroundLink iPhone app lets you easily locate car services in New York

It’s not easy at all to look for reliable car services in an overly crowded city like New York but GroundLink makes it so much easier to locate a car service in New York city right on your iPhone. The GroundLink app allows you to order cars for immediate pickup or future reservations, this also lets you avoid from being trapped by any black car company.

The GroundLink app uses built-in GPS receiver to find your location and presents you a map that shows closest available cars. After confirming, you can even track the cab using the GroundLink app when it is on the way to where you are, to pick you up.
You can also choose the drop-off location right on the GroundLink app or you can simply tell the driver where you want to go after the pickup. The app also lets you see the final price when you book, so you’ll have an idea how much you’ll be charged when you’ve reached your destination.
GroundLink will eventually link with a number of car services in New York city including LimoRes and Velocity and they’re also looking for partners to expand their service. It’s definitely a handy application for the iPhone users, especially those who’re planning to visit New York. So, you’ll not fall into the trap of any black car services that may lead to bigger loses. GroundLink is free, you can download it from iTunes.

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