Monday, 7 January 2013

iPhone 4G likely to include 4G LTE/WiMax, be postponed till Q2 2011?

iPhone 4G was first rumored to be released sometime this summer. But it seems that it’ll not be ready until Q2 2011 due to the 4G chip will only be shipped next year. And the rumor claims iPhone 4G is the “real 4G” that will include 4th generation communication such as LTE and WiMax.
According to MacVideo in their encounter with Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Lars Johnson from Beceem, a 4G chip called BCS5000, which is being developed by Beceem will only be shipped to manufacturers for mass production until Q2 of 2011. And iPhone 4G is likely adopting this 4G chip to provide the super high-speed of 4G connectivity.

This is of course good news for the iPhone users, with the capability of 4G connectivity, the iPhone 4G will be able to enjoy super high speeds of 4G between 100-150 Mbps. The bad news is you’ll have to wait for another year for the iPhone 4G as the Beceem claims that the 4G chip and its components will only be shipped sometime in Q2 2011. So, if iPhone 4G was to use this 4G chip, it’d only be released after the 4G chip had become available.
Now there are two versions of the release date for the iPhone 4G. One claims to be June/July 2010 and another will be sometime in Q2 next year (2011). Would Apple proceed to release iPhone 4G without including the super-fast 4G chip sometime this summer?

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