Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Napoleon iPhone app helps spark more ideas for fireplace designs and creations

The fireplace makes part of your living room, so you should ensure it to blend well with your existing furniture. But if you’re running out of idea how you could get the best design for your home fireplace, perhaps you’d start looking for or exchanging ideas on social networking sites including Facebook Twitter etc, which are where today’s businesses and ideas are being collaborated.

Napoleon Fireplaces have announced the availability of their free iPhone app, which aims at dealers, designers, builders and consumers, to allow them to exchange their ideas, designs of fireplace on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc
The Napoleon Fireplace App allows the users to configure a fireplace by choosing and inserting the stove, doors, rock, color etc right on the iPhone. And you’ll be able to upload the design to your Facebook account to share with your family and friends. Read more about it in the press release below.
(CRITTENDEN, KENTUCKY) July 9, 2010 – Over the past few years the world of communications has been drastically changed by the introduction of social networking sites and applications. The way businesses interact with their respective markets has taken on a new face in the form of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, resulting in greater interaction and consumer reach.
Napoleon Fireplaces & Grills has taken a proactive approach toward social media by launching a new iPhone Application.
“The Napoleon App creates a mobile bridge between the consumer, dealer, builder and designer,” said David Coulson of Napoleon Fireplaces & Grills. “Our goal is to provide dealers, designers, builders and consumers the mobility to easily share ideas and fireplace creations, streamlining the design and decision making process.”
The newly launched Napoleon Fireplace App allows users to configure a fireplace, stove or insert right in the palm of their hand. They start by choosing a fireplace stove or insert and then the fun begins! They can also include details such as doors, insets, logs, rocks, trims, colour and mantles to best complement their d├ęcor. Once completed, you can also take a picture of your room, upload it to the App and see exactly what the fireplace looks like it in.
Consumers can directly upload their completed image to Facebook where they can share and collaborate with friends and family.
Coulson went on to say, “iPhone Apps are a social trend that cannot be ignored. It reaches consumers in a non-traditional way and can only enhance the hearth industry’s profile.”
The Napoleon Fireplace App provides mobility and versatility by enabling custom design at anytime, anywhere. A designer can bring conceptualized ideas to life during a first meeting with clients. The App also provides a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) breakdown of each component and total cost.
“One of the key features of this App is that it’s integrated with Napoleon’s Dealer Locator to help consumers locate their nearest dealer. Users are provided with a phone number, e-mail address, Google map, directions and built-in GPS,” added Coulson.
iPhone and iPod Touch users can access the Napoleon App by downloading it free from the iTunes App Store. For more information, please visit

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