Monday, 7 January 2013

InstaTxtr is now a free app of the day, grab it now before it ends!

InstaTxtr iPhone app version 1-2-5
InstaTxtr iPhone app – texting for Instagram with various cool effects and Instagram hashtags, is now available for FREE from the Apple App store until this Saturday, January 5, 2013. Grab it now before the free version ends, if you’re an Instagram lover!

The current version is version 1.2 which comes with various vignetting and texture layers that allow you to add onto the existing filters to enhance your photos. A version 1.2.5 is coming which has been submitted to Apple, waiting for review. The new version 1.2.5 comes with 9 new fonts and top Instgram hashtags which fill the additional hashtags in app’s settings by default. The top hashtags allow any beginners or long-time Instagrammers to easily gain more likes for their photos and gain more followers.
If you have not owned the InstaTxtr iPhone app, grab the free version now before it ends. You’ll get the new features with the coming updates without in-app purchase. Such as the 9 new fonts, the flexibility to increase and decrease font size, top Instagram hashtags and various other improvements in the version 1.2.5 will be free for you in the coming update!. More info can be found on about the InstaTxtr iPhone app. And stay tuned, various features and improvements are coming in the future updates including an iPad native version!

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