Friday, 4 January 2013

iPhone Camera Camouflage app lets you take snap shots inconspicuously

So, you’ll always wish to take snap shots of any passers-by or beautiful ladies without getting caught? Here comes the Camera Camouflage application, which allows you to take pictures of others using your iPhone inconspicuously. The application simply masks your iPhone as if it’s being used for a phone call instead of for taking photos.

Of course, you have to act like you’re talking on the iPhone while you’re actually taking picture of a subject. The app activates with your voice. While you start talking, the app will trigger the camera to start snapping photos. The Camera Camouflage app can even be set to ring your iPhone, which you then need to pretend answering the “incoming call” for the camera to quietly carry out its photo snapping.
If you’re interested in turning your iPhone into a spy cam, the Camera Camouflage is now up for grabs on Apple App Store for a price of $0.99

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