Monday, 18 February 2013

Sony Xperia Z now available in France, rest of EU holds breath

Previously we heard that the Sony Xperia Z European launch will be on Thursday, February 21, but it appears French users were lucky enough to get the 5" 1080p flagship a few days in advance. Sony has unleashed the Xperia Z through its official online store in France today, asking €649 for it. The black and white versions are in stock, but there is no info on the purple one.
France is the second country to get the Sony Xperia Z, after Japan, where sales commenced on February 9. Various European operators and retailers are taking pre-orders already.
So, the Xperia Z is coming! Are you getting one? If you are still sitting on the fence you might want to check our review for some valuable information on the smartphone's real-life performance.

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