Monday, 25 February 2013

LG displays Wireless Ultra HD video streaming technology at MWC

LG showcases its innovative Wireless Ultra High-definition transmission technology for the first time at the on-going Mobile World Congress. The latest feature for the next generation smartphones allows you to view games, movies and other smartphone essence on Ultra HD TV’s in real time, through wireless data transfer.

The transmission technology is said to deliver the multimedia contents to your televisions in a much quicker and smoother manner than any other previous content streaming system. And of course, it can transfer content of up to UltraHD resolution – that’s 4K or four times the regular 1080p FullHD. LG’s streaming system naturally relies on a fast Wi-Fi connection.
LG’s next generation content streaming also adjusts the content automatically to the televisions screen resolution, resulting in flawless and clear visuals. Furthermore, the wireless transmission is said to consume less than half the power compared to competing transmission systems, reducing the usage of CPU and other hardware resources on the smartphones.

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