Friday, 8 February 2013

Belkin FastFit Keyboard Case for iPad Mini

If you wish to use your iPad Mini like a laptop, here comes the Belkin FastFit Keyboard Case which equips your iPad Mini with a keyboard and makes it usable like laptop. The Belkin FastFit Keyboard Case is dubbed to be the lightest and thinnest keyboard case to date. And it measures a mere 7mm in thickness which is even thinner than the iPad Mini itself.
The FastFit keyboard case is made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum which is the factor that makes it super lightweight. It’s equipped with the Belkin’s TruType keyboard and connect to your iPad Mini vi Bluetooth 3.0. And more impressive is it offers 155 hours of use with its internal 200mAh battery.
The FastFit is also equipped with a magnetic clasp that will automatically lock your iPad Mini when covered, and awake the iPad Mini when removed. The FastFit is nice for those who’re not used to using touchscreen keyboard and who want more productivity when texting on your iPad Mini. For just $80, you can get it from Belkin.

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