Saturday, 2 February 2013

Magnetic Spirit shelving system creates practical, adaptable art

The Magnetic Spirit shelving system is a concept design from BenoĆ®t Bayol and Christophe Bricard. Lying somewhere between carpentry and Cubism, it uses a patented magnetic fixing system to allow the creation of different layouts – and to change the layout at will depending on your mood at any given time.

The Magnetic Spirit shelving system - art installation or usable furniture?
There are four separate parts to Magnetic Spirit. All are made from hot-treated lacquered steel that is 100 percent recyclable.
The bases make up the background, canvas, or picture frame depending on your point of view – there are four different designs which can be pieced together to form original and unique geometric shapes. The components are the shelves themselves, which come in a variety of sizes, both with closed-in and open designs. Each one can carry a maximum of 16 kg (35 lbs). The skins are the patterns which are available to decorate the surrounds of the components. Finally there are accessories such as a coat hook.
The Magnetic Spirit shelving system could be installed on any wall in any room, at the dis...
Magic Spirit is merely a concept at present, with the designers having no immediate plans to take it into production. However, their website features a catalog, as well as a design tool allowing you to forge your own creation. The video below shows the thinking behind the concept.

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