Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New Android apps worth downloading: Evzdrop and AccuWeather updates, Ark of the Ages

Today's apps worth downloading list includes a couple of solid updates to great apps. Up first is Evzdrop, a social networking app that lets you check out what's happening in different places, followed by AccuWeather, a weather forecast app with a completely new, optimized design for tablets and smartphones. Finally, there's Ark of the Ages, a 3-D role-playing title with swipe-based combat.
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Evzdrop update (Free)

Evzdrop   What Is About? So cial networking app Evzdrop lets you get the lowdown on what's happening in a given place by tapping into social network feeds from people who are there.
What’s cool? Checking in to different locations with social networking apps is fun, but Evzdrop takes things a step further to allow users to make updates from those locations that others can see across a number of social networks. That means you can let people know what's going on in a given location by creating a “drop,” or check out what's happening in a place the same way to get an idea of what's going on before you arrive. The app's updates add better interaction with Facebook and allow users to comment on drops from others more easily.
Who’s it for? If you're the kind of social networker who likes to know what's going on in locations, rather than with specific people, check out Evzdrop.
What’s it like? More location-based social networking is available from Foursquare, and Sonar makes finding people you know online in a given (real life) place easy.

AccuWeather update (Free)

AccuWeather What is About? Weather forecast app AccuWeather is packed full of weather information and has received a spiffy new interface design.
What’s cool? You probably already have an idea of what AccuWeather can do – it's a powerful weather app that brings you forecasts from around the world. The app can send you Push notifications and can be geared to give you forecasts for specific activities, which means it can let you know if you should skip that jog or capitalize on a good day for fishing. You can also get hourly forecasts and even check the weather radar in your area. Along with its latest update, AccuWeather has gotten a brand new redesign that's optimized for smartphones and tablets, as well as customizable widgets and more.
Who’s it for? Users in the market for a powerful weather app, AccuWeather is worth a look
What’s it like? Among other solid weather apps are The Weather Channel and Yahoo! Weather.

Ark of the Ages ($1.99)

Ark of the Ages What it about? A 3-D role-playing title, Ark of the Ages sends players on a quest to fight through dungeons and prove themselves worthy of joining the knighthood of the Royal Order.
What’s cool? Melding first-person combat that uses swiping to control your swordplay and magic, with third-person exploration of the world, Ark of the Ages sends players through a number of fantastical dungeons to fight a load of monsters. Like other role-playing titles, you'll be searching for loot and other goodies that will make you more powerful as you progress through the game. How you deck out your character can be adjusted according to your play style, allowing you to fight with the skills and abilities you see fit. Ark of Ages boasts some high-quality graphics and some 24 dungeons to fight through.
Who’s it for? If you like role-playing titles with swipe-based fighting not unlike Infinity Blade, check out Ark of the Ages.
What’s it like? Other great RPGs include Chaos Rings and Aralon: Sword and Shadow.
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