Friday, 4 January 2013

Uncrop images on your iPhone using AntiCrop app

The AntiCrop app for iOS is what you need to “reverse engineer” those cropped images. You should be familiar with image cropping app which allows you to crop out unwanted parts of the pictures you’ve taken with your iPhone or iPad 2. But what if you want those removed parts back? The AntiCrop app will come in handy on your iOS devices.

The app allows you to uncrop images by expanding its border and use the app’s algorithm to fill in the empty spaces with parts of the background. This works great for photographs repeatable backgrounds.
You can also use the AntiCrop app to straighten images that’re crooked and fill in empty spaces created. The app also allows you to perform regular crops on your images. It’s a useful tool for amateur photographers but it’s not free, costs you $0.99 and can be had from Apple App Store. A clip is included below showing you how it works.

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