Friday, 4 January 2013

SlowDown iPhone app slows down music while you’re overspeeding your car

Young people these days tend to drive their cars at high speeds while blasting “fast” music loud. In order to prevent more road accidents to happen, there is a nice iPhone app called the SlowDown app, which has been specially designed to get you to slow down your car while you’re overspeeding. What it does is simply to slow the music on the iPhone, so you might respond by slowing down the car speed.

The SlowDown iPhone app is the product of Belgian organization OVK, which was founded by a number of parents whose children were killed in road accidents. The app should be able to force the drive to slow down or stop while the music is being slowed down.
It’s undeniable that those who’re driving fast will always have music blasting loud to keep them pumped up. So, while you’re driving exceeding the allowed limit, the app slows down the music and even stops the music completely if you’ve crossed some stipulated threshold. This should be able to bring you back to normal, slowing down your car.

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