Friday, 4 January 2013

Archos unveils TV connect – first and only Multi-Touch for Android on TV

Android TV remote
Archos TV connect is a multi-touch TV remote control that allows you to operate Android OS with multi-touch gestures right on your TV. With the TV connect remote you can get multi-touch experience on big TV screen with Android game plays and apps. Basically it turns your HDTV into a gigantic Android tablet with the usual multi-touch gestures you’re used to on Android devices.

Android TV connect remote 2
The TV connect allows you to control your TV just like a tablet – tap, swipe, zoom in, zoom out, select or type. With the TV connect users will be able to play games, stream videos, video chat in HD, email friends or surf the web all from their big screen TV. The ARCHOS TV connect runs Android 4.1TM ‘Jelly Bean’ and will be available starting in February, 2013 for $129.99.
- Pointer – Allows you to control your TV just like you would your tablet with a tapping and/or swiping motion

- Full multi-touch gesture support – Control your apps easily with zoom in, zoom out and rotate with ARCHOS developed unique gesture controls

- Full keyboard with Android shortcuts – The TV touch remote includes a full keyboard and Android shortcut keys including a key for voice controls and voice typing
- Thousands of games available on your TV – Choose from over 700,000 apps and games on Google Play store

- Dual thumb sticks and buttons – Play all your favorite games with full gaming controls and dual analog thumbsticks

- ARCHOS Gaming Mapping Tool – Map the controls of games to the buttons and controllers of the remote for playing virtually any game on your TV – as recently introduced on the GamePad
Find out more on But seriously, Android isn’t my choice. I don’t want Android malware to invade my TV!!!

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